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Shocking the Senator
Shocking the Senator
December 2004
ISBN: 0-373-76621-1
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Nicola Granville was an independent woman. But it was as Abe Danforth's campaign manager that she achieved ultimate success -- and ultimate pleasure. For months her affair with the aspiring senator was conducted in secret, their professional courtesy by day giving way to intimate embraces by night. Until she took a home pregnancy test...

Abe Danforth always got what he wanted -- and he wanted Nicola. Except he couldn't understand why she was pushing him away. Abe was ready to go public with his feelings, but Nicola's sudden mood swings were mystifying. Was it another man? Or was it something that only nine months and a proposal would solve?

"A captivating finale to the Danforth continuity!" - Writers Unlimited


This man was one big no-no, but Nicola Granville was having a tough time saying anything, but yes.

"We said we weren't going to do this anymore," Nicola said as she dragged her lips away from Abraham Danforth's firm mouth. With her back against his cold office door, Abe's body felt deliciously warm and strong against hers.

He slid his hands over her hips and pulled her against him. "The election's over, Nic. I won. Why fight it anymore?"

She could name several big reasons, one from her past, which would knock the mighty Abe Danforth, former Navy SEAL, CEO, and newly elected senator. right on his surprisingly rock-hard rear end. Abe had turned out to be a surprise to her in many ways. Not many fifty-five-year old men still had a body that could make most women look twice.

Nicola tried to shake off the familiar melting sensation in her body and brain. "It still wouldn't look right for you to be having an affair with your campaign manager. I'm an expert on these things. After all we've been through, you should know that by now."

"I know you've taken what could have been egg on my face and made everything sunny-side up. Who else could handle a candidate with a beautiful, but illegitimate daughter that comes out of my past? A son falsely accused of criminal involvement? Who else--"

Shaking her head, Nicola covered his mouth with her hand. "Don't go humble on me now. Your family may have presented some unusual situations for me to manage, but the kind of man you are made my job a lot easier than it could have been. You're the real deal, Abe Danforth. That's why you were elected."

"I refuse to argue about this. I know you helped me get elected. But there's always been more between us, even from the beginning."

Nicola felt the addictive sizzle as she stared into Abe's eyes. Sometimes she felt as if looking into his eyes was like looking at the sun too long. If she wasn't careful, she would become blinded, in this case to reality.

She closed her eyes, still too aware of his scent and strength. "I told you I'm not going to Washington with you."

"But you promised you would stay with me during the transition until I'm sworn in," he reminded her, brushing a lock of hair from her cheek.

Nicola opened her eyes. His tenderness made her ache. "Yes, I did," she said, suspecting this would be one of the hardest promises she'd ever had to keep.

"So I have time to change your mind."

"Don't count on it." She wasn't trying to issue a challenge, just the truth.

"Oh, but I am." He slid his leg between her thighs and an image of the intimacy they'd shared taunted her.

Nicola bit her lip and pushed against his chest. "We agreed we wouldn't do this anymore. It was a mistake for us to--" she broke off and swallowed "--get involved this way."

He studied her for a long moment. "Are you saying you regret it?"

No. Yes. No. Yes. "Abe, we've been through this. I don't want what you and I have worked so hard to accomplish to be tainted because--"

"Because what? Because I'm so much older than you are?"

Nicola rolled her eyes. "That's not it and you know it."

"Maybe," he said, clearly not convinced. "I'm almost twenty years older than you."

"Your body sure doesn't seem like it," she muttered under her breath. She never ceased to be amazed by his stamina in and out of bed. She shook her head. "I'm not going to let you talk circles around me. Even though the election is over, it's still my job to make the best public relations choices for you and trust me, I would be your worst PR nightmare yet."

"I have a hard time connecting the word nightmare with you, Nic," he murmured, trailing his fingers down her cheek and throat to the top of her breast.

Her heart pounded in her chest at the expression of wanting on his face. The combination of his strength and need for her never failed to turn her protests to dust. He was so strong. How could he want her so much? How could she refuse him? He made her feel things she'd never thought she could feel. She tried to steel herself against him, but her bones and resistance turned to water.

"You don't like the way I touch you," he said, dipping his finger lower, just glancing her nipple and making her shudder.

She bit her lip. "You know that's not true," she whispered.

"You don't like the way I kiss you," he said, lowering his mouth to hers again and making her dizzy.

Not fair, her puny, rational mind wanted to cry, but the rest of her was sinking into the delicious, decadent forbidden pleasure of Abe. "You don't like the way I make love you," he murmured against her mouth as he skimmed his hands down to the waistband of her dress slacks and unfastened them.

This was the time to say no, a faint voice inside her coached her.

The sound of zipper lowering mingled with his breath and hers. Nicola knew what was coming if she didn't stop him. She knew he would touch her size ten body and make her feel as if she was the most beautiful, sexiest woman in the world. He would caress her gently, paying attention to her response. He would guide her hands over him and allow her to make him sweat, just a little. Making him sweat, however, only made her hotter and more restless until he took her over the edge and sank inside her.

"I want you, Nicola," he said in a rough, sexy voice that had the same affect as an intimate stroke in her secret places.

Mentally swearing, she surrendered. One more time, she told herself. Just one more time.

Chapter One

Two pink lines on the at-home pregnancy test.

Two pink lines on the second at-home pregnancy test.